【Chizu & Honzu终于在Aman Central正式营业啦】Chizu & Honzu is finally operating in Aman Central

北马首间Chizu & Honzu终于在Aman Central正式营业啦!通常在北马区,那些连锁店都会先在槟城开始营业。这可是第一次现在亚罗士开始营业哦!亚罗士打的吃货们有没有感觉很幸福呢?

The first Chizu & Honzu in north Malaysia is finally operating in Aman Central! Normally, those chain stores will first open in Penang in North of Peninsular Malaysia but this is the first time that the chain store starts its business in Alor Setar. Don't you feel so blessed?



📍 Chizu & Honzu, Aman Central

Address: Level 4, Aman Central, No.1, Darul Aman Highway, Kampung Lubok Peringgi, 05100 Alor Setar, Kedah.
Contact Number: 03-6274 3143
Operating Hours: 10am-10pm